Patrick Kunz of TAL (Togu Audio Line) released an impressive revision of his free VST and AU plugin UNO-60 today.

Introducing the TAL U-NO-LX

A full featured and faithful model of the Roland Juno 60. This plugin is absolutely superb. I’ve followed TAL since they delivered their first freeware plug years ago, and offered back then to help him to test in the AU format (so I could use his plugins in Logic Audio as well.) He’s a lovely guy, a brilliant and generous developer.

The U-NO-LX is the first paid plugin from TAL. That’s a little shocking, but considering that music and plugins don’t seem to actually make any money in a world of freebies these days and after all the free software TAL have given away over the years I have to admit I was delighted to spend the money on this wonderful plug in.

Now I suppose I could insert stories of my old JUNO-6 and JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 and wax about the olden days of lugging huge keyboards around, the synthetic sensuality of CEM/curtis chips, and go on and on, but who wants to hear the old dude moan? Not me baby. So give this beast a listen right here:

Here is the link to TAL U-NO-LX:
As of this writing I’ve scored the demo plugin, and purchased the serial number, however I’ve received no word yet from either paypal or TAL regarding the serial. But I do believe I will.