Sunshine Jones 100% Live Analog Set – Disco Katz: Disco Cabana – Dec 10th 2017 – San Francisco

Hey! Check this out…

I am playing a 100% live set with my dear ones Tobin Ellsworth an the Disco Katz for their December edition of the mighty Disco Cabana.
This party starts in the afternoon and goes into the evening. It’s a Sunday get together that completely rules. Colorful, beautiful, friendly and fun. The music is always good, and not the standard nonsense either. Uplifting, challenging, inspired and outtasight.

The lineup this time is:
Sunshine Jones – Live set
Tobin Ellsworth
Birds of Rhythm
Jeremy Rosebrook
Wes Charles Adams

Here’s the official information

Gather your loved ones and let’s get together. I’d love to see all my SF/Oakland dear ones together again.
LOVE ////