AKAIZER: cool freeware loop stretcher for mac, linux and windows

This is new to me. I just found out about a freeware app called Akaizer which is developed by some heads who wanted to enjoy the cyclic time stretch functions without having to have a hardware version of the Akai S950 or S1000.

Admittedly this was a very popular sampler trick back before the days of ReCycle and other time stretch techniques, but the wet metallic sound of the old Akai experience is really what made breakbeat, hardcore, and even early drum and bass happen.
So these cats wrote an application for free for Linux, Windows and MAc users which allows you to load up sounds, stretch them with the vintage sound and then export them for use in whatever situation you dig for making music.

It may seem strange to a modern user who can convert their loops to apple loops and then have them play back perfectly at any speed, but don’t overlook the fact that there is a dynamic world of sound and creativity out there waiting for you to explore because you absolutely have to tweek your loop to be just right, or want that 185 bpm percussion track to play back at 120, or you are exploring the old school vibe of taking a 93 bpm jazz loop and need to crush the crowd at 135.

This is the original tool for this task.

Enjoy it.